Nathan’s 1st Buck on Protherosa

Nathan harvested the largest to date cull buck on an evening, early in the season off the Protherosa. He hunted the Green Monster and waited patiently for this deer to pass into his sights. image7

4th of July Celebration

Another incredible 4th of July in the books! Top notch fireworks show, incredible food, and of course…the very best people and pups with whom to socialize.


Memorial Day Weekend 2014

This was the best seafood festival I have ever been too! Matt took a couple of spills (out of a chair, and over a horseshoe peg) but we had an amazing, and relaxing weekend! oh. And of course SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS!

Thanksgiving Bonanza

It was FREEZING temperatures. Many brought tents, only a few slept the whole night in them. We snuggled into a 50 degree pole barn on air mattresses and snuggled close to the person next to us. We played the largest game of Humans Against Humanity…I think 25 people? There was a hayride to the far fields ending in a surprise bonfire and fireworks show! We ate too much and laughed too much…but what is the meaning of “too much” anyway?